My garden is coming to life; with a little help

March 21 2015, 10AM temp 42 degrees, no sun,no wind,snow is gone, thankfully.

Rake in hand, ready to assault the firmly packed fall leaves and remaining vegetation from last fall.
Tarp in place for easy removal of “unwanted” stuff.
Pe’pe, our 5 month old Havanese puppy running around picking up small branches and twig and chewing, chewing,chewing.
Husband severely pruning an Hydrangea that is his way when he mowes.
While raking I’m feeling delight, blooming purple crocus revealed,
Rake rake rake around a Lenton Rose bush Wha la, the flowers are there, ready to stand tall in All Their Glory. I knew they would be—but they were covered. So glad to see them.
Rake rake rake under the debris daffodils leaves are rising what a joy.
Rebirth, Joy, Life Goes On.
What Spring treasure will I release next?

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